Who we are


Aerowood Powder Coating Limited (APCL) is one of Canada’s premier companies that provides metal finishing using powder coating technology. 

APCL has a state-of-the-art facility to provide competitively priced metal powder coating solutions with unparalleled quality service and minimum turnaround time saving clients time and money.  We cover a wide range of industries and coat items like mailboxes, metal fences, wheelchairs, metal furniture and even decorative items.  We specialize in anti-microbial coating serving the health care industry and our specially designed long coating, curing and cooling areas makes it possible for us to handle long parts as well as large volumes. Our technicians and specialists are available to guide clients in making appropriate selections based on requirements and specifications.

APCL provides a vast colour selection and our custom colour matching service enables clients pick the colour of their choice.  The advantages of color matching are the high consistency of colour and texture for every part we coat.   

APCL also offers delivery and value added storing, co-packaging and shipping services. We will package your powder coated items as required and ship to the location specified cutting down on freight and logistic expenses. We can easily accommodate specialized packaging requirements and are fully equipped with loading docks. We also provide light assembly services, putting together various components as per specifications enabling clients manage their inventory better.