• Controlled Environment: With 23,000 square feet of temperature-controlled space, APCL is more than prepared to handle various types of powder coating projects. The total factory is pressurized, to prevent outside air and contaminants from entering the shop floor. 
  • Powder Storage: Powders are stored under optimum conditions of temperatures less than 80°F/30°C and with approximately 50 - 60% relative humidity. Special areas are set aside for specific powders that require a greater degree of attention. 
  • Pre-processing Area: We have set aside a specific area for receiving, inspection and preliminary prep, saving our clients from a lot of logistic issues. 
  • Special Hooking Racks: APCL has invested in industry standard hooking racks to maximize efficiency by boosting coating line productivity, minimizing frequent stoppages for switching, and to also provide flexibility for dealing with multiple products. 
  • Pre-treatment: Pre-treatment is mandatory to ensure quality and durability. Pre-treatment generally involves rigorous cleaning, removing any surface contaminants, then chemically treating the clean surface to enable adhesion and to enhance corrosion resistance. At APCL we select the pre-treatment that is best suited to the material on hand and the kind of finish that is required.

Once cleaned and pretreated, your parts move into our temperature controlled and purified powder application area where the powder application equipment will spray the colour of your choice.

  • Powder Coating: Our machines and equipment are housed in a specialized, controlled environment for the actual coating process. They undergo regular maintenance and inspection to ensure a smooth run. Purified air is circulated in the replacement unit, and filters are tested and cleaned regularly. 
  • Colour Change Set Up: This powder application equipment provides us with fast colour change technology which allows us to complete colour changes rapidly. When doing powder coating operation using multiple colours there is risk of contamination occurring when colours are changed. At APCL we have processes in place that prevent colours from mixing with one another. 

Once the powder is coated, your items will move into our cure oven where they are cured per the required specifications

  • Oven for Proper Curing: We have a dedicated oven for proper curing. The oven is set to required temperatures and duration in order to ensure correct and high quality powder coating finishing for which the selected material was designed. 

Just as properly curing the powder coating is important, similarly cooling is equally important in a well-designed powder coating process

  • Cooling Area: We have a specially designed cooling area with adequate space for the cooling process and to accommodate longer parts. Here again, temperature is controlled to meet the job specifications. Ignoring this important process could result in poor quality with varying film thickness and damage and we definitely do not let that happen. 
  • Post-Treatment: All finished products undergo a final quality control check and are minutely inspected to ensure the coating is smooth, flawless and meets the customer’s specifications. 
  • Storage and Shipping Area: For the convenience of our customers, we have a separate area that handles storage and shipping of finished products. We provide in-house assembly and packaging services.  This means your finished product coming from APCL can be directly shipped to a location of your choice and save you time and logistic costs.