Stock & Go


At APCL we offer a competitive advantage by offering Stock and Go Services for our customers. Your powder coated items are professionally packed and stored in our warehouse and can then be shipped to the location specified.  Our Stock and Go Services include Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, Storage and Distribution. We manage these services efficiently to create a seamless process to bring together any or all of these services that you may need.

APCL’s Stock and Go Services can also help you not only consolidate shipments to make your delivery efficient, but also consolidate your storage services so that your items are stored in an organized manner making it easier to manage inventory.

The key benefit of using our Stock and Go Services is that you are working with a partner that is fully equipped to handle Logistics. This means you save on cost, time, resources and manpower. 

We offer short and long term storage, pick and pack order fulfilment, packaging, light assembly and distribution. This is a value added service offered to our customers. Since we also offer pick and pack services you can directly ship specific orders to your customers, without the need to move stock back to your offices.

Contact us to give you a quote or if you have any specific questions about our Stock and Go Services.