Co Packing

We offer an assortment of packing types like standard bubble wrapping or specialized sleeves and boxes. Our packing will provide adequate protection to your products during transport and storage.

We understand sometimes all components do not need a powder coating and it may be necessary to disassemble these parts. We are capable of disassembling your product, completing the powder coating and then reassembling the finished product as per specific instructions. We stock/procure any additional components that may be required.

We are capable of offering reliable co-packing services to our clients and we are already used to meeting tight customer deadlines. Our employees are experienced in packaging and assembling point of sales materials. APCL has handled numerous projects, so, you’re in safe hands. Our extensive services include:

  • Packaging and Re-Packaging
  • Custom Packaging
  • Sub assembly service
  • Labelling
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Sleeve Wrapping and more…