Patient outcomes and staff safety are top priorities for hospitals. However, since every surface is susceptible to microbes, it is difficult for medical facilities to protect against cross contamination. 

We offer antimicrobial powder coating to provide protection against the growth of micro-organisms in a wide range of applications. Items such as handrails, wheelchairs, hospital beds and metal furniture can be effectively coated. Anti-microbial coated products inhibit the growth of bacteria, as well as mildew and mold, thus help in keeping these areas clean and sterile. Most importantly, these coatings offer protection against bacteria without affecting humans and animals.

Not only does anti-microbial powder coating provide protection against a broad spectrum of microbes but also provides rust and corrosion resistance.

APCL has the technical expertise to apply Anti-microbial coating that meets rigorous hygiene and safety standards. Our technicians are trained in adding Anti-microbial coating to a variety of items and parts. APCL’s strategic location, enables us to offer quick and streamlined delivery service of Anti-microbial coated products to healthcare facilities across the GTA. 

Typical applications of powder coating in the Healthcare industry:

  • Hospital furniture (beds, wheelchairs, metal trolleys, metal chairs etc.)
  • Stretchers
  • Washroom equipment
  • Supports like hand rails for disabled and/or elderly